Bernadet Rijvers

Bernadet RijversBernadet Rijvers (born 1963) lives in Rijsbergen. Her studio is located at home in a rural area. 

At her studio, she assists students and she provides workshops on request. Earlier on, she has been working at the Beeldend Centrum (Centre for visual arts) in Zundert, as a teacher at the children’s studio. 

In addition, she works as an activities facilitator for people with mental disabilities for 2 days a week. 

Her education: Higher professional education in Youth Welfare (HBO-Jeugdwelzijnswerk), Arendonk Art School (drawing and painting), and “ De kleine Tiki” (training for personal development and art therapy).

In 2013, Bernadet won the 1st prize at the Brabant Amateur Art competition (Brabantse Amateurskunstverkiezing).